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​ Cherise A. Williams
American Author & Chief Speechwriter 

(A.K.A. Madam Speechwriter)

Cherise A. Williams was born on October 30, 1975, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is an American award-winning author, chief speechwriter for 2020 Presidential Candidate Robby Wells, an educator, and founder of Cherise A. Williams Corporation, a for-profit professional writing service that recently partnered with the GoDaddy Pro-Reseller Program and HubSpot Sales Partner Program. With limitless gifts and unwavering determination to assist nonprofits, Cherise is the founder of Nurture the Powerful You Foundation, Inc., and empowers girls to shine at Honey Shine, Inc. Cherise is committed to stand together with Go Red for Women, Time's Up, Me Too Movement, and is an inspirational writer of Cherise A. Williams Inspiring Blog, where humankind can be inspired throughout the year, just as she’s an esteemed guest speaker at the Broward School Board of Broward County Department of Equity and Academic Attainment under Director David Watkins. She’s disciplined beyond measure and as a result she’s a Brand Ambassador for Just Strong, where she empowers women to feel good about themselves through her writing. She also recently became an Ambassador for HubSpot Inc.. In addition to all the accomplishments the author and finisher of her faith gave her, Cherise is a former board member and vice president of Public Relations for the REAL Toastmasters Club and storyteller of Christ Fellowship Port St. Lucie campus. Always developing new ideas that come into her sphere of influence, Cherise is focused on writing “Cherise A. Williams Story,” inspired by true events that happened on February 20, 2019. In development is ElleaZar CaRu which  was established in 2017 as well as Because she loves traveling outside the country, her youngest son is joining her writing journey on their travel writers website She wears many different hats as a mom, wife, basketball mom, and actress. Cherise placed acting on hold to focus on her writing journey. Cherise sticks to a simple method for managing it all. She throws away all the distractions and focuses on one thing at a time.

Education –

Cherise’s academic background includes doctoral studies toward a Ph.D. in business management with a concentration in leadership from Capella University. Cherise is a cum laude graduate from Everest University with a bachelor of science degree in accounting and master’s in business administration with specialization in management. She possesses a Reading Endorsement from the  Florida Department of Education. She is a former Effective Reading Educator at Driftwood Middle Magnet; the Academy of Environmental Health & Wellness in Hollywood, Florida; and Lincoln Park Academy, a premier College Preparatory Secondary Magnet School in Fort Pierce, Florida. A graduate from Dillard High School, class of 1994, she attended Bethune Cookman College, now Bethune Cookman University, from 1994 to 1996. Cherise possesses a willingness to learn; therefore she self-educates by taking online courses. Cherise is certified in HubSpot Sales Software, Inbound Sales, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, and Content Marketing from HubSpot Academy. She studied acting at Tasha Smith Acting Workshop under Director/Actress Tasha Smith and writing for television from Masterclass under Shonda Rhimes. Cherise has been seen on stages large and small in Florida, New York, Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C. as well as on screen. Her performing arts career included many honors as a principal dancer and choreographer. The key to her success is writing a vision, receiving divine revelation, and staying open to learning. Her great desire is to carry truth back to others and become the light for those who are afraid to step into a dimension of their own excellence. 

Big Dreams

Where does Cherise’s inspiration comes from? Everywhere. To understand the unwavering determination of Cherise A. Williams, to truly appreciate the power that walks with her as she walks in the shadow of the author and finisher of her faith, it’s necessary to take a look at the people and places that shaped her. Cherise’s mom and stepfather are pastors, entrepreneurs, and prayer warriors. Cherise’s mother, Pastor Verna J. Boatwright, and Cherise’s Aunt Mavis Wilson are the blueprint of who Cherise is becoming. Cherise is excited and humbled she has extraordinary mentors, acting coaches, and people in her life that helped her along the way, such as Alonzo and Traci Wilson Mourning; Robert Lehrman, former chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore; Janet Stovall, speechwriter who told her she’s the voice to the world; David Murray, PSA executive producer; Dr. Rose King, speechwriter; Eric Schnure, former speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore; Lucinda Trew, principal, actress/director Tasha Smith; private coach Yonel Aris; Commercial Life TV Kevin O’Neill who told her she was born to be on screen; voice coach Al Hobbs from Truthful Acting Studios in Orlando, Florida; transformational coach and mentor Dee Thompson; and former dance directors Lucretia Welters and Shawna Bowden. There was always her husband, sons, Dr. Helen Boykin, Evangelist Wanda Eason, and Joyce Jackson behind the scenes empowering Cherise.  

Cherise A. Williams didn’t know she was going to add politics to her journey until she was asked to be on the Obama Organizing Fellowship Program in 2012 and canvassed for the Hillary Clinton political campaign in 2017. She enjoyed the experience. Becoming a speechwriter was hidden in her heart. She stepped out on faith and successfully completed the Professional Speechwriters Association Speechwriting School, which took place in Washington, D.C., at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business and was granted a certificate of completion on October 22, 2018. Her speech coaches let her know before she left Washington, D.C., that she was a voice to the world. Cherise decided to take everything with boldness. On October 30, 2018, she accepted the position as chief speechwriter for 2020 presidential candidate Robby Wells. On October 19, 2018, recognition was given to Cherise for exceptional achievement in the Toastmasters International Leadership Program. American Writers and Artists, Inc., featured Cherise A. Williams in a success story published August 26, 2018, wherein she talked about her vision in becoming a speechwriter and screenwriter. Cherise A. Williams is a published author of UnderNeath the MakeUp Series Nurture the Powerful You 365 Daily Inspirations, which appeared in the Publishers Weekly July 25, 2016, issue. Cherise A. Williams was recognized as the first-place winner and awarded a Christian Author of Achievement certificate from Xulon Press in the fall of 2017 in the devotional category. On May 23, 2018, the Toastmasters International Communication Program recognized Cherise as a Competent Communicator for her exceptional achievements. When she was offered the chance to be on the board as a vice president of Public Relations for The REAL Toastmasters Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, on April 23, 2018, she seized the opportunity. In the REAL Toastmasters Club, she won third place in the District 47 International Speech Contest on March 24, 2018; second place for the International Speech Contest on March 12, 2018; participated in the Table Topics Contest; and won third place on February 6, 2017. She is a former board of directors member as a marketing and publicity director for the Community Music School of Tradition Youth Orchestras, Inc.

Stay Ready

No matter what Cherise does in her life, God causes her hands to prosper as she prepares her sons and other youth for their promising future. She is an agent of change and was an effective reading educator in Broward County, Florida, public schools. Above all Cherise has a passion for living boldly in faith and for shaping girls’ and young women’s minds. Cherise believes in staying open to learning and opportunities that come her way. Cherise is confident that her gifts make room for her. She believes in placing her passion and faith on display, for she knows there is a consummation date for everything under the sun.  

High Points and Ongoing Projects

Cherise received a recording contract for composing a love song.
Cherise was in a short-film thriller Unreported Crime, January 2018, which won Best Short Drama at the Urban Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, May, 26, 2018.  
On behalf of Honey Shine, Inc., Cherise spoke at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, on “I Aspire to Be Empowered.” 
Summer of 2017, Cherise motivated girls in grades three through twelve for Camp Honey Shine at the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. 
Cherise spoke at Honey Shine, Inc., Aspire to Shine Workshop on April 22, 2017, at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (Duchesne Campus) in Miami, Florida.
Every other week Cherise speaks to a group of girls on many different topics. For example she spoke about Embrace Your Beauty Within at Driftwood Middle Magnet, the Academy of Health and Wellness, April 2017.
Cherise was Toastmasters’ Member Spotlight for the March/April 2017 issue.
She was a dynamic speaker at Driftwood Middle Magnet, the Academy of Health and Wellness Career Awareness Day, March 2017 and 2018.
Cherise modeled for Fashion Designer Expo at the Miami Convention Center supporting fearless survivors, October 2016.
She attended the American Black Film Festival in 2015.
She continues to author new books, along with guiding her sons and others on becoming published authors, publishers, and much more.  

Love Writing

The people who noticed her writing were her parents, language arts teacher Mr. Thornton from Dillard High School, and her professors when she was in college. Over the course of her journey she has faced adversity, but when devastation hit her on February 20, 2019, no one can imagine what she went through. She is a walking, moving miracle and is preparing to share her story with the world in 2020. Even when her life paused and her dreams where deferred, she never gave up. She knows what it is to be in the valley. In the end it was all worth it. She remembered what her acting teacher Tasha Smith said: “Press past the obstacles and do not give up; you must let go as if you are in front of Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, or Oprah.”

Cherise is focused on her professional writing career and adding value to others. She takes great writing advice from her writing coaches and master teacher Shonda Rhimes from Masterclass: “If you can write, someone will hire you.” She remembered to “never write in a bubble,” according to what Karen Horne, vice president of Programming Talent Development and Inclusion for NBC Entertainment and Universal Television said at the 2015 American Black Film Festival at the HBO studio in New York. There is a promising future ahead in writing for Cherise A. Williams as she uses her inspiring platform to leverage her sphere of influence. She is being pursued by high elected officials to write jaw-dropping speeches. Cherise is extremely creative and intellectual with a straightforward writing style that inspires and nurtures everyone who follows her path with her.

Cherise started writing when she was fourteen and kept a lot of creative poetry journals. Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” had an impact on Cherise’s life. Cherise was very shy when growing up. Her mother kept her many performing arts activities to break the shyness, which is why she is gifted in many areas of her life. She used to run track at Everglades, now Williams Dandy Middle School; Crystal Lakes Middle School; and Dillard High School before she became a professional with many gifts. Cherise envisioned herself being a renowned author. She used to read In The Spirit, inspirational writings by Susan Taylor, and envision writing for Essence Magazine and other well-known enterprises.

In March 2016 Cherise was interviewed by Deco Drive at the KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons at Bloomingdale's in Aventura Mall, where proceeds benefited the Honey Shine Mentoring Program. Cherise appeared in Absolutely Fabulous. Cherise was cast as a dancer and background artist in Missy's Musical Misadventure, a movie musical by Valencia Motion Pictures in association with Five Alive Films. Cherise was requested by Evangelist Connie Thompkins to perform a dance dramatization for Mighty Women of Valor (MWOV) at the A Kept Woman women’s conference June 20, 2015. Cherise dazzled into summer at the 2015 American Black Film Festival, where she embraced every moment in master classes with Karen Horne, VP NBCU (writing for television); Roger Bobb, CEO Bobbcat Films (Fundamentals of Producing); and her acting mentor, actress/producer Tasha Smith’s Actor's Workshop.

Cherise’s dreams are bigger than her; she looks forward to working all over the United States and internationally.

Cherise celebrated her distinctive beauty in a quiet way by accompanying three of her reading students to the 2015 St. Lucie County Reading Council's Young Authors Celebration. They were the only students chosen in the middle school to represent Lincoln Park Academy because of their outstanding writing.

One of Cherise's former dance students was accepted into the Dillard High School Performing Arts Dance Program for the 2015–2016 academic year.

In addition she has established an enterprise and is working on projects for her children's children. Cherise is humbled and grateful to see the fruit of her labor bear fruit every season.


Cherise started acting at the age of four in faith-based organizations and was chosen for principle roles such as Mary in the stage plays The Birth of Jesus, Fabric of a Woman; Ola Ray from Thriller by Michael Jackson; feisty lioness in King of our Homeland from the Elegant School of Modern Dance; No More Drama, God’s Original Design; and Daughters of Thunder. Cherise possesses flawless specialties that are alluring, attractive, and anointed. She auditioned for Michael Baisden’s stage play Men Cry in The Dark II on August 29, 2014, under casting director Leah Daniels-Butler, who is Producer/Director/Writer Lee Daniels’s sister. It was an awestruck experience, and Cherise looks forward to many more opportunities and being cast in comedy, commercials, film, action, true stories, stage plays, print modeling, and open doors no man can shut! Cherise always stays ready, whether she's onstage or not. This dazzling doll always gives 100 percent; she knows the universe is captivated and watching through binoculars, making way to usher her gifts into the presence of the great.

Cherise was honored to facilitate as a dance dramatist for Word of Living God Ministries 2014 women's conference, Under Cover, and at the Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church pastor’s anniversary. Cherise Antoinette Williams was elected to dramatize Take Me to The King. She also was chosen to portray a dramatization of Dr. Elizabeth Harry’s book Melanie, Bird with A Broken Wing, a Mother’s Story at the 2012 BB&T Dragonfly Darlings Women’s Conference. This inspiring beauty was the hostess at the 2013 Authors & Poet Networking Affair. Cherise appeared in The Caribbean Heist as a movie extra as the girl by the pool. Cherise facilitated in choreography in the Walker Elementary School of Performing Arts 2013 Winter Musical Christmas on Main Street.

“Extra, Extra Read All About Cherise”

Cherise is a certified professional under the Board of Education. Cherise started her modeling career at age fifteen. She has done extensive runway work with Dillard’s Sensational Event Fashion Show, Peter NyGard, Fashion Night, Red Carpet Fashion Show, and Chafa Govha Fashion Show.

She is a former radio personality host for Lights Cameras Fashion blog talk radio, where she interviewed actor Rico Ball, Model Kenya Thomas, Hip-hop Legend MC Shan, model Floyd Banks, actress Glenn Twins, jazz composer Daryl Johnson, Dyneshia Locke/Suzette Kelly of Who Did That Hair, and upcoming new artist Tahmell, and AllStar. Under the direction of Gelan Lambert, Jr., from FELA, the musical Cherise partook in the 2013 Afro-contemporary community master dance class presented by Ethnotricity. Cherise participated in the Miami Herald Remember the Time program hosted by MC Karen A. Tynes as a dramatist and poetess of Still I Rise. When Cherise is not in front of producers or auditioning, she serves on four organizations’ platforms and has been with Honey Shine Mentoring Program for nine years, where she was featured on NBC-6 and also received a Certificate of Appreciation from Tracy Wilson Mourning in recognition of her valuable contributions to Honey Shine, Inc. Cherise enjoys mentoring at Driftwood Middle Magnet, an academy of health and wellness. She is a former mentor for Seagull Alternative High School, where she received a mentor award in appreciation of her outstanding commitment, service, and generosity to the students and their families for the 2012–2013 academic year and to the Whiddon-Rogers Educational Center. She was honored to speak at Ely High Professional Vocational Program on Striving for Excellence by Possessing Pride and Integrity. 
Cherise A. Williams is a former principal dancer for the Elegant School of Modern Dance under Artistic Director Shawna Bowden. Her gift of modern/liturgical dance started when she was seventeen years old at the Bethune Cookman University under Concert Chorale Director Dr. Rebecca Steele; where her first dance was a duet performed to the song “Beauty and the Beast” by Celion Dion and Peabo Bryson. She has been dancing for more than fifteen years. For twelve years Cherise was a liturgical dancer for Bishop Harvey David Bryan, Sr., and his wife, Almarie Bryan, of Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ, until their passing. Cherise facilitated in choreography for Camp Honey Shine’s sixth annual Honey Shine Talent Show. Cherise is sought out by many parishioners and administrators. As a former interim teacher for Broward County School Board Cherise was chosen to facilitate in choreography for Robert W. Runcie, the first African American superintendent of schools for Broward County, December 15, 2011. Williams choreographed for Christmas on Main Street winter musical 2013 at Walker Elementary School of Performing Arts. Cherise choreographed for the 2012 Title I Head Start Nonpublic Neglected and Delinquent Program Parent Seminar for more than five hundred parents and guests. She accompanied and facilitated in choreography for the Christmas on Las Olas winter and spring shows 2008–2012 for Walker School of the Performing Arts. Cherise is the former choreographer/sponsor for the Dazzling Dolls Majorettes of Walker Elementary School of the Performing Arts. She was chosen for the first E. Pat Larkin’s Charitable Foundation, Inc., political event, now an annual event. She was elected as one of the soloists to dance for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “In the Spirit of Unity and Service in the Community” 2008 celebration, where Cherise danced for Mayor Lamar Fisher. She performed in a tribute to Alvin Ailey and at the tenth Odyssey Network 2009 Ultimate Business Retreat in Naples, Florida. Cherise danced along with the Elegant School of Modern Dance and opened for gospel singer Micah Stampley, Reverend Dr. M. Elaine Flake from the Greater Allen A.M.E., and R& B singer Deborah Cox. Cherise acquired her contemporary modern dance style from master choreographers, master dance workshops, and open community classes. Cherise studied Horton, Graham, ballet, and other styles of dance from the Elegant School of Modern Dance, University Center of Performing Arts, Jubilee Dance Theater, Delou African Dance, The Boca Ballet Theater, and Bethune Cookman University. Cherise is always furthering her skills, crafts, and gifts.

Despite mushrooming opposition, Cherise A. Williams keeps trying and trying. She knows that to accomplish her goals she must be invincible. She becomes more creative as challenges enlarge or intensify. Cherise carries truth back to others who may or may not relate to her. She desires to become the light for those who are afraid to step into a dimension of their own excellence. By helping others she gains a new  perception about herself. She learns more about who she is, what she thinks, how she feels, and how to relate to others. The creator of the universe has created her to be a living, moving miracle; an individual painting like no other.

 Cherise’s Secret Chronicles

Cherise is the wife of Dwaine Williams, daughter of Bishop Marshall and Pastor Verna J. Boatwright, and sister of vocal artist/mortician Marsha L. Boatwright. Cherise is the proud mother of two handsome sons: basketball player Dwaine Ahmad Williams: MVP 2016–2017, and aspiring author/violinist Malik Caron Williams.

Although Cherise stays busy, she always spends quality time with her family. Cherise takes life one day at a time and learns as new doors of opportunities open, keeping her visions in front of her as the Mighty Conqueror crowns her faithfulness with confidence and strength.