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The Professional Writers Alliance

Christian Author Award: First Place

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​Most Valuable Player:

D. Williams (son)

​#SmallForward #Shootingguard

​St. Lucie West Centennial High School

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2016 Behind

​the Summer Scenes

Most Valuable Player: D. Williams

 ​​​​Are your ears awake?

Listen to the wind words,

the spirit of truth blowing through the trumpets,

piercing through trees planted by streams of water.

  You are His symphony, masterpiece,

and beautiful work of art. ~Cherise A. Williams, Professional Writer​​

Cherise A. Williams in the studio with one of her acting coaches Yonel Aris preparing for "Still I Rise" written by Maya Angelou


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Author/Actress Cherise  A. Williams is passionate about seeing you do extraordinary things. She looks forward to adding value to you and illuminating your ghost of a smile.
​All Cherise needs is a pencil and a journal, then INCREDIBLE dialogue is created as grace wraps her in the beauty of storytelling. She is EXCITED to share with you she is an aspiring Television Writer.
​Because of your presence, you are more than enough!